Stewardship on Public Land

Highland Creek Park

Nearest Address: 428 Livingston Rd N, Scarborough, ON M1E 1M4
Meets: Wednesdays 5:00-7:00 PM
Transit: Kennedy Station. #86 Scarborough Eastbound to Beechgrove Dr at Dunstall Cres. 2 minute walk 

Highland Creek Park (part of Morningside Park) is situated in the largest remaining forest within the Highland Creek watershed in Scarborough. Once occupied by indigenous communities, this natural reserve features marshes, meadows, a winding creek with sloping valleys and forests that are home to falcons, pileated woodpeckers, beavers, salmon, several families of deer and other wildlife. Recognized for its ecological significance, the Park is part of Toronto’s natural heritage system and became a new site for TNS in 2022. We welcome you to come learn about, identify and remove invasive plants to protect and enhance its ecological integrity as a sanctuary for the diverse plants and creatures who make this place home.

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