Stewardship on Public Land

New Registrations for 2023

If you are already receiving email from us you do not need to register again. If you want to change from receiving newsletters and general information to becoming an on-site Steward use the Update your profile link at the bottom of emails and enter all the required information.

Join our email list to receive general information on our programs.

Become a Steward to work on-site if you have not registered previously. We have many sites to choose from. See Sites and Schedules and Site List for Stewards before completing the form. You will also need emergency contact information and to accept the Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions (consent). Only one unique email and phone number per person can be registered.

After registering to become a Steward, to change your information, use the link to the Update your Profile found in the footer of all emails. There is an option on that form to change from being a Steward and still remain on our email list.

Unsubscribe from TNS. This will remove you from receiving emails from TNS and from being a Steward.