Stewards about to pull hedge parsley
Stewardship on Public Land

Ahead of a Work Session

Decide what activity to do

  • Consider the weather, the work you did last week, the invasive plants at your site, and decide what activity to tackle. Things to take into account include:
  • What you completed at your previous work session and what needs to be finished up.
  • Whether the soil is moist or dry: Invasive plants are more easily removed after a rain.
  • The Seasonal Timeline for Stewardship Activities provides average dates for bloom and seed setting. But dates can vary from year to year so you should walk the site to see what is happening. Plan to remove invasive plants before they set seed.
  • Consider whether the forecast is for extreme heat, heavy rain, cold temperatures and plan your work session accordingly.

Communicate with your Stewards

  • Find the e-mail contact list for your site in the Google Drive (Steward Registration Responses)
  • Send out an email reminder to your Stewards the day before a stewardship work session, reminding them of
    • start time,
    • where you will meet,
    • the planned activity so Stewards can decide what to wear and what tools/materials to bring, and
    • availability of water and washrooms.
    • If the weather is uncertain the day ahead, let Stewards know what time you will send an email to confirm/cancel the workday.
    • See the Sample Workday Email for an example. Include your phone number in case a Steward needs to contact you, (for example if they arrive late and can’t find the work group).
  • Send a message as soon as possible if it is necessary to cancel the work session due to weather
  • Give your contact info to them so they can inform you if they will miss the session.

Review administrative tasks

Ensure that all active Stewards are registered in the system. If not, send them the Steward Registration Form.