Stewardship on Public Land

Toronto Nature Stewards

Come for the plants, stay for the people

We all enjoy the benefits of the ravines and natural areas.  Our unique urban forest is home to abundant wildlife and an oasis for citizens in Canada’s largest City.  The ravines connect important ecosystems, connect our communities, and connect us to nature – one of the pillars of a sustainable planet and sustainable living.

Despite the importance of nature in the City, Toronto’s natural areas are at an ecological tipping point. Invasive species, climate change, overuse and misuse by people, intensive land development, and excessive litter threaten the current and future health of the city’s wild species and natural communities.

Toronto Nature Stewards (TNS) believes that stewardship is part of the solution. Protecting and caring for the land is essential. Our vision is a Toronto with healthy biodiverse ecosystems where plants, animals and humans can thrive together. Site Map and Schedules.

Let’s work together to restore and maintain healthy natural areas to improve the quality of life for all Toronto residents.