Send Us Your Photos!

Photo/Video Submissions

At TNS, we LOVE photos and videos. They’re not only great carriers of precious memories, but also fantastic ways to share our work with the wider community. For our photo bank to be rich and full, we need your help! Please encourage your stewards to capture the moment. Currently, we are in particularly dire need of planting photos.

Here are some tips for the photos that would be the most helpful to us:

  • We would love to see photos of people doing things – and we would especially love to see their face!
  • Large group photos are great! We need only a couple of those. We need many more pictures that feature a fewer number of individuals, but provide greater visual detail about the activity.
  • Be aware of lighting when you can. Cloudy days are actually the best time to take pictures! If the sun brightly shining, try to make sure that your subject facing the sun. If the sun is behind your subject, then your subject will likely appear a lot darker than the background.
  • If you find that you’ve taken several similar shots, please pick your favorite of the bunch to submit. We really appreciate variety!

Social Media Posts

We are so encouraged to see Lead Stewards start their own social media pages for their sites! As an organization, TNS would love to amplify your presence by cross-posting your content. Here are some tips to help us streamline the process:

  • Instagram recently introduced a new feature where you can invite @torontonaturestewards as a collaborator, allowing us to co-author your posts. This function can only be accessed through the landing page where you initially make the post – go to “Tag People” and then click “Invite collaborators.” We would love to showcase as many of your posts as we can!
  • If you forget to invite us as collaborator, you can also forward your post to us via DM.
  • Tag us in your stories so that we can repost it on ours!

Thank you so much for your creativity and hard work! We are thrilled to follow you on your journey.