Flemingdon Park

Nearest Address: 701 Don Mills Road, M3C 1R7
Meets: Every other Thursday 6:30-8:30 PM starting May 2
Transit: Broadview Station. #100 Flemingdon bus. to Grenoble Dr. 5 minute walk

The Toronto Nature Stewards’ Flemingdon Park site is part of the larger lower Don Trail south-east of Overlea Boulevard and Don Mills road intersection. The site starts at the newly developed Lower Don trail entrance and ends at the south entrance of Charles Sauriol Park parking lot. The site is located  in between the east and west branches of the Don river just north of the location where the two branches meet and flow down to Lake Ontario.

The area mainly contains some old native trees such as oaks, cedars, maples and bladdernut along with smaller trees and shrubs that were planted a few years ago. The primary stewardship goal for this site is to remove various invasive species, primarily dog strangling vine, european buckthorn and garlic mustard, to allow the great selection of old and new trees, shrubs and other understory vegetation to thrive. By protecting the ecologically valuable vegetation, we will be inevitably supporting to protect the ecological biodiversity in the area. 

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