Magwood Park

Nearest Address: 2 Pasadena Gardens, Toronto ON, M6S 4R3
Meets: TBD
Transit: Dundas West Station. #40 Junction West to 3671 Dundas West. 15 minute walk to 2 Pasadena Gardens (or 15 minute walk from Jane and Annette St.)

This 8.7 hectare forested park lies on the east bank of the Humber River near Jane Street and Dundas Street West. It includes a forested area that is full of mature native trees and a lovely ground cover of mostly native plants such as trilliums, virginia waterleaf, mayapples, ferns, wild geraniums, canadian wild ginger, to name a few.  At the western end within the forest there is a First Nations Effigy Earthwork Burial Mound estimated to be 6,000 years old. Additionally, a portion of the forest that contains a mostly dried up ravine has been deemed a provincially significant wetland. 

Other natural areas within the park are the mowed fields adjacent to the forest and patches of natural growth at the river banks. For this year our stewardship focus will be on the river bank area. There are quite a few invasive species that we will be tackling including garlic mustard, dog strangling vine, hedge parsley and burdock. With removal of the invasives we hope to encourage growth of other plants located there such as walnut trees, milkweed, aster species, goldenrod species and many others.

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