Stewardship on Public Land

For Lead Stewards in Training (LSIT)

Thank you for your commitment to becoming a Lead Steward. Each site has one or more Lead Stewards who are responsible for maintaining the natural environment based on protocols and best practices which will be outlined in the curriculum and easily available to you in the field via your mobile device. You will each be able to lead a group of up to 10 volunteer stewards and are responsible for organizing, training, communicating with and inspiring them. It is important that you complete a form called the Work Log after each session. This is a reporting requirement from the City.

Feel free to connect at any time with other Lead Stewards to share your challenges and success stories. There will be events planned throughout the year to share learnings and network with the TNS stewardship community.

Lead Stewards at End of Year Party Sept 15, 2022

More on Being a Lead Steward and My Experience as a First-Year Lead Steward

All LSIT’s will be able to access a special section of the TNS website and documents on the Google Drive called Lead Stewards Drive (TNS) using a login with the email address you registered with. If you have a gmail address, access can be easier. Please Note: all of the pages in this section are visible only to Lead Stewards and LSITs.

2023 Lead Stewards in Training and Lead Stewards at the Jan 14 Launch event

Training (Jan to March) Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 pm.

These Zoom sessions will be recorded. The breakout sessions will not be recorded

Link to live sessions

Jan 11, 20231. OrientationHow the program works
Introduction to the people
Jan 25, 20232. Know your site (part 1)Site selection & assessment
Stewardship plan
Feb 8, 20233. Know your site (part 2)Executing stewardship plan (Day of)
Reporting & Monitoring
Feb 22, 20234. Know your peopleRecruitment & Managing people
Mar 8, 20235. Know your plantsBradley method
Removal & disposal of invasive plants
April 30, 2023In-person Field TripOn-site visit
Getting to know each other with Stewardship Bingo

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Need to Access the Google Drive?
Uploading an assignment?
  • Rename your file to “Yourname_Class x – Assignment name”. Include your name and site in the actual file. Photos should be inserted into a document with descriptions.
  • Upload your assignment through this link