Site Stories – Ashbridge’s Bay Park

by Clyde Robinson, Lead Steward Oct 28, 2022

Thank you once again for another super successful stewarding effort at Ashbridge’s Bay Park. 

As you remember how glum we all felt (tee hee hee), when confronted with the Phragmite patch (please see the first picture below).   Then our jubilation and thank you to all for it’s removal.

Unfortunately I did not have a “before” picture but here is the “after” picture from our event, I believe in 2019. 

 You can see how much bigger the Ash tree (more to the right of the picture and yellowing in our up to date picture) has grown. If you look closely you can see Bob, Paula Davies the Lead Steward from the Todmorden Wildflower Preserve  and myself.

When you walk by here from now on, on your leisurely tour of the park you can remember and say to yourself I removed that Phrag. It will come back, not as strong, but over time we will prevail!!

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