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Glen Stewart Park – A Year in Review

By Sylvie Dion, Lead Steward

We completed our last work session of the season on Oct 27. The weather was really beautiful for a fall day. The leaves in the trees were a mix of golden colour, dark orange and bright red. The sun came out shining brightly as the temperature went up. Lovely!

We have attached some photos from our last work session. You can see our volunteers working with the pullerbear which is a specialized tool to pull out small trees. The pullerbear was lent out to us from the stewardship at Cherry Beach. We are grateful for this help, since using that tool really made a difference. We were able to pull out a large number of invasive saplings, so many that we lost count of them. 

The last session of the year at Glen Stewart Park

In total during the season, 

  • We had 37 field work sessions.
  • We collected about 2.5 garbage bags full of litter.
  • We disposed of 60 garbage bags of invasive plant matter.
  • Our team of stewards collectively worked 230 hours of field work. 
  • The number of registered stewards is 28. 
  • The average number of stewards who came to our work sessions is 3.6 per work session.
  • We have removed all mature garlic mustard, DSV, mature burdock, Norway maple saplings and buckthorn saplings from both Glen Stewart Park and the Balsam Entrance. 
  • We have removed some non-native wood avens from Glen Stewart Park and a few lily-of-the valley from Balsam Entrance. 
  • We had no reportable safety incidents

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