Stewards at Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve, 2021

How we Steward our Sites 

TNS has over 30 sites in 2023 and around 100 trained Lead Stewards (in 2023) but there is much more to do. There are 6,600 hectares of public ravine land and we are stewarding approximately 74 hectares on 23 sites (2022).  Each hectare needs active regular stewardship to improve biodiversity and ecosystem health.  Each site has one primary Lead and other co-Leads as needed to keep our ratio of 1 Lead to 10 volunteers at any one time. We’ve had from 2 to 145 people at each session and they occur every day of the week and at different times so there are lots of opportunities for everyone. Each group has (or will have) a dedicated team but there are also pop-up sessions organized by the site Leads. 

Each site works independently and organizes itself based on the needs of the Leads and the Volunteer Stewards but all following the same city approved protocols. You can view the sites, schedules and register to join on our Get Involved page (if you want to be an ongoing Steward) . Once you register for a site, the Lead Steward will contact you with details. People wanting to join a pop-up should contact for more info.

Currently there are 10 specific invasive plants that we can remove on approved sites on public land. If you want more info on them you can find it on our website.

Lead Steward Training session with Paula Davies, President at Todmorden Mills Wildflower Preserve (TMWP). Photo by Sharon Lovett
Photo by Gary James
Boots on the ground